Best 30 Team-Building Workshop Games to Try

Positive workplace cultures and improved employee interactions are largely dependent on a team building workshop. There is a plethora of possibilities available in the dynamic city-state of Singapore for these kinds of activities, which may be tailored to groups with varying interests. Apart from fostering stronger relationships, these events provide an opportunity for individuals to relax and enjoy themselves away from their typical work setting. These range from artistic workshops to daring outdoor encounters.

1. Soy Candle-Making Workshop: Custom-Design Your Own Candles in a Relaxed Atmosphere

A soy-candle-making session is one of the most tranquil team building activities. The basic work includes participants gaining knowledge about the basic handling of the material and making a candle with the addition of fragrance and colour. Along with promoting creativity and relaxation, this activity gives team members a unique memento to cherish the occasion.

2. Egg Drop:

In this activity, teams are involved with constructing a device using specified and limited materials to ensure a raw egg remains intact when dropped from a designated height. This challenge assesses innovation and group problem-solving skills as teams must ingeniously devise a solution that merges functionality with durability.

3. Experience the Thrill of Archery Tag: A Dynamic Team Combat Game

Archery tag presents a thrilling and energetic option for team building. It combines elements of dodgeball and archery, where players use bows to shoot safe, foam-tipped arrows at opposing team members. Very strategic, full of teamwork games, therefore recommended for teams that want to develop further their cooperative skills in a live setting.

4. Unleash Creativity with Art Jamming Sessions: No Art Skills Required

Art jamming is an activity of relieving stress where a few people come together to paint in an environment that is relaxed and supportive. It is meant for all levels of painting skills and seeks everyone to be free to showcase their creativity without fear of judgment. This therefore further fosters interpersonal relations between team members.

5. Assemble a Unique Assorted Terrarium: A Green Thumb Workshop

Following the popularity of terrarium workshops, the session allows participants to create a more diverse miniature garden. It will have a mixture of plants and teach the dos and don’ts of terrarium maintenance. It is a workshop that empowers the participants to discuss, give tips, and learn, working together while developing their communication competence and team spirit.

6. Explore The Art of Chocolate Making: A Sweet Team Building Exercise

Making chocolates is an indulging and fun team bonding workshop. Teams are taken through the whole process of chocolate making, right from melting to moulding it and finally packing the chocolate. The activity is fun-filled and truly teaming and collaborative. Visitors leave with a broader appreciation of chocolate artisanship and, of course, some delicious handmade samples.

7. Clay Making Workshop: Sculpt and Paint with Your Team

Welcome to the world of clay with the Clay Figurine Making Workshop. This workshop sees each member of the team making and painting their own clay figurine; it’s actually a task to strengthen fine motor skills while having lots of fun and creating something out of this world. That is one aspect of collaboration, where colleagues will share ideas on techniques that will make them work more cooperatively and appreciate others’ artistic flair.

8. Coaster Making Session: Design and Craft Custom Coasters

Making personalised coasters is a fun team building exercise that blends imagination with useful expertise. By employing methods like marbling and terrazzo patterns, participants craft distinctive coasters out of sustainable materials. This session clearly encourages artistic expression and provokes discussions on sustainability and reuse of materials, aligning very well with the eco values of our team.

9. Floral Arrangement Class: Learn the Art of Flower Arranging

Flower-arranging class is a relatively relaxed activity that could be done within the team. Participants get to choose the flowers and arrange them with the expert guidance of florists. The endeavour will improve the attention to detail of the participants and further able the team to be in an even and relaxed state. The beauty of their creation often reflects how beautifully they work together in harmony and balance.

10. Ultimate Laser Tag Workshop: Tap into your competitive spirit

Equipped with modern gear and dynamic game setups, laser tag promises an unforgettable adventure. Seasoned instructors will lead you through the ins and outs of the game, ensuring safety and excitement for everyone involved. Whether you’re organizing a corporate team building event or simply seeking thrills with friends, the laser tag game in Singapore offers the ideal blend of challenge and enjoyment.

11. Yacht Day Out: Combine Leisure with Team Building on the Water

A yacht day out takes team building to the open waters, offering a mix of relaxation and adventure. Teams can engage in activities like water sports, barbecues, or even karaoke. Shared experiences bring the team together, add value to communication, and provide leadership opportunities and collaboration, all in a setting outside of the traditional office.

12. Mangrove Kayaking and Hiking at Pulau Ubin: Connect with Nature

Kayaking through the mangroves and trekking in Pulau Ubin both showcase diverse biodiversity and tranquillity amid nature. The same requires the teamwork of water navigation and encourages it by pointing out fauna and natural features. This is a brilliant way to connect the team members with nature and each other, further allowing the members to appreciate the natural environment and increase workplace camaraderie.

13. Discover WWII Bunkers on Historical Forest Trek

Learn history with an adventure that hosts bunkers made by the Japanese in WWII on the historical jungle trip. The teams here face intellectual challenges and have to solve puzzles to find the right path from the historical sites with information on the history of Singapore. This is something that adds value to their knowledge; however, it challenges their strategic thinking and team learning in real-life situation context.

14. Cycle Through Pulau Ubin with a Guided Tour: Experience Rustic Singapore

Through riding, Pulau Ubin serves as a humanly unique platform for team building with lots of discovery and adventures that are in line with physical fitness. The team members, guided by a local with a lot of knowledge, can make discoveries on the landscapes and wildlife surrounding them. This will build up team spirit among the participants as they encourage each other along the route by building trust and cooperation.

15. Master the Basics of Sailing: Learn from Veteran Sailors

Sailing is more than just a sport; it is an art that teaches people how to work together and become leaders. In this workshop, participants have time for sailing with experienced sailors who teach all the basic techniques of navigation. Participants work with each other in taking the helm and controlling the sail accordingly; hence there is cooperation and communication among the participants under professional supervision. This session not only develops maritime skills but largely enhances the level of trust between the teams as they are required to manoeuvre through the waters.

16. Dragon Boat Racing Against the Iconic Marina Bay Skyline

An exciting team building workshop that blends physical activity and rhythmic synchronisation is dragon boat racing. Paddling in time to the beat of a drum, teams must coordinate their movements and work as a team to reach rapid speeds. Aside from being an amazing experience, racing against the breathtaking Marina Bay skyline also develops team spirit and cohesion.

17. Engage in a Puzzle Hunt Across Iconic Singapore Locations

The puzzle hunt will turn familiar streets and sites into an interactive game board. Teams will solve a series of critical-thinking and collaboration-inspired puzzles, with each clue leading to the next location. This dynamic activity not only empowers but also encourages problem-solving that enables the participants to tackle them and also enables teams to explore Singapore’s rich cultural tapestry in a fun and involving way.

18. Outdoor Escape Game Challenges: Real-Life Puzzle Solving

Outdoor escape games are thrilling adventures for solving complex puzzles set in urban environments. This way, you can easily find yourself in an immersive and very exciting game. This allows room for teamwork, communication, and free flow in expressing ideas among team members, who have to put their heads together to make headway in the quest to solve the mysteries and finish up with the game.

19. Survivor Island Adventure Game at St John Island

Embark on a survivor-style adventure game, where the winning formula is based on teamwork and strategy. Teams will explore St John Island, attempting to work out puzzles or their opponents to survive. It helps one test their problem-solving abilities and strengthens team dynamics, as members of each team will have to support one another in the different challenges they face.

20. Learn the Strategic Game of Mahjong and Its Cultural Background

More than just a simple game, Mahjong represents culture. This session delves into Mahjong strategies while learning the meaning behind the game and its importance in Chinese-Singaporean culture. Learning and playing this complicated game together may develop a sense of strategic thinking and cultural appreciation for a more cohesive bond among them.

21. Paint Tingkat with a Peranakan Artist: Explore Traditional Crafts

This unique workshop provides a chance for participants to get into the detailed art of Tingkat painting under the guidance of a Nyonya artist. The traditional craft teaches members about Peranakan culture as they jointly work together, sharing various ideas and techniques. This cultural immersion through art creates a rich, bonding experience that also celebrates the diverse heritage of Singapore.

22. Discover The Joy of Guitar Workshop

A skilled instructor will lead you through the essentials of playing the guitar, starting from how to hold the instrument to mastering your initial chords. It covers everything from basic technique to music theory and even delves into the art of songwriting. Whether you’re just starting out or seeking to enhance your existing skills, the guitar workshop in Singapore is tailored to suit your needs perfectly.

23. Craft Your Signature Scent: Perfume Making Workshop

A workshop on perfume making is a very personal and creative team bonding workshop activity. Professional scent engineers will help you blend essential oils in the workshop and create a fragrance that will help bring out your perfect essence. This activity is a means of inspiring team members through stories and experiences of scents that they can relate to, impacting personal connections and the growth of the team.

24. Pottery in a Lovely Shophouse: A Hands-On Art Experience

Pottery making is a sensory and immersive activity. It is a perfect mash-up of creative talent and tactile skill. In a lovely shophouse, this workshop brings together teams over the basics of wheel throwing and hand-building. Every individual makes something of their own, promoting expression within collaboration. As they mould the clay according to their imagination and creativity, they naturally motivate one another, laying a strong foundation for their cohesive relationship.

25. Handcraft All-Natural Soap: A Clean Beauty Initiative

The natural soap-making team bonding workshop is organized in a way that groups can naturally learn to make soap from scratch using natural ingredients. This eco-friendly activity not only promotes sustainability in one’s daily life but also helps empower individuals with the knowledge they need to make health-based decisions. Making soap together involves cooperating and sharing techniques that build comradeship.

26. Private Dining Experience: Exclusive Culinary Delights

Private dining is an experience of being able to have teams eat gourmet-style food that is served in a one-of-a-kind setting, ranging from the home of a chef to an exclusive type of restaurant. This attractive dining arrangement enables the team to talk and bond over delicately prepared dinners, turning an evening dinner into an amazing, unforgettable team building workshop that increases relationships.

27. Woodfire Pizza Making: A Rustic Cooking Adventure

Bringing a staff team together, a Woodfire Pizza-making experience is a way to have fun while interacting. They will learn to light a fire using a supply of wood from a sustainable source. They will also learn to make pizza with fresh produce sourced from around the locality. These activities teach not only culinary skills but also underscore the importance of working together towards a delicious outcome.

28. Street Theatre and Cocktails – Cultural Blend

A unique activity where the team dives into a cultural journey throughout the lively streets of Little India, incorporating a walking tour, street theatre, and a cocktail session. Each performance in an immersive theatre experience is followed by a session of cocktail drinks during which the team members relax and discuss the play. This creative potpourri of culture and leisure way provides a dynamic path to develop cohesion among employees following the performance.

29. Bee Farm Visit and Honey Tasting: Learning Sustainable Practices

The visit to a bee farm will provide an opportunity for participants to learn about the crucial role of bees in the environment. The visit begins with a bee orientation session, where students will gain insight into bee conservation and organic farming practices. Following this, there will be a honey-tasting activity aimed at raising awareness of sustainability. This activity encourages participants to brainstorm ways they can contribute to environmental conservation efforts.

30. Ice Cream Making Workshop: A Team Cool-Off Session

Making ice cream is entertaining and light; it’s great for team building. A team learns from choosing flavours and mix-ins to develop custom-crafted ice cream. Sharing homemade ice cream not only cools everyone down but also sparks joy and laughter, making it a perfect way to end a day of team building activities.