Explore Top Team Building and Bonding Activities in Singapore

One of the most essential aspects of constructing a unified team is the organized team-building training designed as activities that help develop communication and collaboration and form stronger working relationships. The diverse culture and wide variety of entertainment opportunities make all the teams working with the corporate culture receive from the “abundant buffet of team bonding”. From cruising on a luxury yacht and undertaking a creative workshop to exploring peaceful historical sites and discovering the vineyards with wine tasting provide all forms of challenging experiences for team members to think outside the box about how they function together in various circumstances and create opportunities to gain new respect for each other’s strengths and abilities. A list of the most engaging activities of team building in Singapore is utilized in this guide to offer teams unique experiences in the city to help expand their horizons.

I. Yacht Day Out

Yacht Day Out is one of the most luxurious team-building activities in Singapore. Water sports, delicious BBQ, and karaoke on board are just a few examples of what a team can experience. This activity is a perfect combination of relaxation and casual communication that will help create bonds in the team.

Team size: Suitable for groups of 5 to 50 participants.

Budget: Costs range from S$200 to S$350 per person, depending on the yacht and activities chosen.

II. Mangrove Kayaking & Hike

For groups interested in a nature-based experience, the Mangrove Kayaking & Hike is the perfect fit. Held far from the main land’s glamour on the rugged coasts of Pulau Ubin, this activity allows teams to paddle into calm waters and delve into beautiful green landscapes. Not only a rejuvenating experience for any team that loves nature, but it’s also a great teamwork bonding as they paddle in unison.

Team size: This experience can accommodate up to 20 individuals.

Budget: The starting price is S$105 per person.

III. Explore Giant Underground Bunkers

Another exciting activity to treat your team to is exploring the Giant Underground Bunkers. Participants will “dive” back into history while physically exploring the bunkers from World War II. Hidden in the underground, the teams will need to address various challenges and puzzles that can only be resolved through developing a teamwork strategy. Therefore, the Underground Bunker experience is not only about physical engagement but also a mental one that helps get new perspectives on Singapore’s history.

Team size: Groups of up to 60 can participate.

Budget: Each person pays $20 for this thrilling historical exploration.

IV. Cycling in Ubin

Invite your team to take a guided cycling tour in Pulau Ubin. As part of the cycling, participants can explore the island’s various ecosystems and get fresh air and physical exercise. Nature as well as Physical can help escape the city’s noise and relax while encouraging teamwork spirit and mutual support. Ultimately, there is also diversity in the choice of different cycling terrains.

Team size: Ideal for up to 20 participants.

Budget: A minimal spend of $8 per person is required.

V. Jungle Survival Skills

Looking to break free from the typical office routine? Take your team into the wilderness with Jungle Survival Skills. This activity immerses participants in survival mode, teaching essential skills for navigating the wild. From building shelters to starting fires, teams will learn vital techniques for jungle survival, fostering personal development and team building in the process.

Team size: Can accommodate groups as large as 100 people.

Budget: Starts from $220 per person, ensuring a truly immersive experience.

VI. Dragon Boat Racing

Dragon Boat Racing is an engaging water race activity that takes place with the Lion City backdrop. Dragon boat challenges teams to work together while speeding down the waters, releasing enough rush and energy to be an incredible memory. Teams enjoy the competition rush while getting a team spirit while enhancing cooperation and coordination, making it special.

Team size: Up to 200 people can take part.

Budget: Each participant pays $55 for this iconic sporting experience.

VII. Puzzle Hunt

Enjoy a unique and thrilling game where the team gets to solve puzzles and playful mysteries within Singapore’s historic places. Puzzle Hunt requires the teams to think outside the box and handle various challenges together in solving codes and clues. Puzzle Hunt is not only fun but also educative considering your team gets to explore and learn the street’s cultural perspectives.

Team size: Suitable for very large groups, up to 200 participants.

Budget: Starts at $28 per person, making it an accessible option for larger teams.

VIII. Outdoor Escape Room Games

Transform your team building into an adventure with Outdoor Escape Room games set in vibrant alleys around locales like Holland Village. Teams work together to solve puzzles and uncover clues to progress through the game. What sets Outdoor Escape Room apart is the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and appreciate Singapore’s natural beauty while having fun and building teamwork.

Team size: Can accommodate groups of up to 1,000 people.

Budget: Approximately $26 per participant, making it a cost-effective choice for large groups.

IX. Terrarium Workshop

Bring your team together for a Terrarium Workshop, offering a unique opportunity to connect with nature and unleash their creativity. Participants will create their personalized mini ecosystems by arranging various types of tiny plants in glass containers. This tranquil activity serves as a metaphor for nurturing growth and life within the team, fostering a sense of connection and teamwork.

Team size: Suitable for up to 30 individuals.

Budget: Starts from $35 per person, with all materials provided.

X. Art Jamming

Art jamming offers another opportunity to boost creativity while enjoying a relaxing session for teams. In private spaces, employees are handed paintbrushes, paint, and canvases. Team members get to either paint individual pieces of art or one large art piece. This will help create a sense of community while retaining one’s individuality.

Team size: Can host up to 50 participants.

Budget: From $30 per person, which includes all necessary art supplies.

XI. Perfume Making

Indulge your employees in the art of perfume-making, a sensory experience that engages the olfactory sense. Under the guidance of experienced scent engineers, participants will learn the intricacies of blending various essential oils to create personalized, unique perfumes. This sophisticated yet highly creative craft offers a memorable and enriching experience for all involved.

Team size: Accommodates up to 35 participants at the venue, and up to 105 participants at larger venues.

Budget: $90 per person, with all materials included.

XII. Pottery Making

Pottery Making is a flexible and calming activity that is perfect for a team trying something new together. Pottery Making is a fun activity in which teams learn wheel-thrown and hand-building techniques. It’s a great way to build workplace mindfulness and celebrate the pleasures of starting something new.

Team size: Up to 40 people can participate.

Budget: Pricing begins at $88 per person, with each participant able to take home their crafted piece.

XIII. Graffiti Workshop

Team members can create bright and exciting aerosol artwork in a warehouse full of graffiti. It’s a great way to get away from the monotony of the office environment and for teams to express their imagination boldly and radiantly.

Team size: Ideal for up to 40 individuals.

Budget: Each participant pays $90, which includes the cost of materials like spray paints.

XIV. Splat Painting

Splat Painting is a fantastic, original, refreshing approach to experience art. Paint is used as a tool for splattering paint on a canvas or a personalized team picture. It is a fun approach to getting a group to let their hair down and have unstructured fun while expressing themselves.

Team size: Ideal for groups of up to 28 people.

Budget: Starts from $80 per person, which includes all painting supplies.

XV. All-Natural Soap Making

If your team is committed to sustainability and wellness, All-Natural Soap Making is an ideal workshop for you. Learn how to make your soap using natural, gentler ingredients for your skin and the environment. Apart from actual skills, your team will understand the necessity of eco-friendly and eco-safe practices.

Team size: Can facilitate up to 40 participants.

Budget: Starting from $50 per person, each team member will leave with several handmade soap bars.

XVI. Clean Beauty Workshop

If your team is into wellness, clean and sustainable living, why not include another workshop in these office retreat ideas? With a Clean Beauty Workshop, you and your teammates will learn how to make your skincare products with natural products. Actively promote your healthy and toxicity-free approach to beauty and distribute a company that values health and sustainability.

Team size: This workshop can accommodate up to 20 individuals.

Budget: Starting at $200 per participant, which includes all the necessary materials for crafting personal skincare items.

XVII. Candle Making

Candle Making is another therapeutic activity that supports a playful learning experience on the aspects of scent and beauty. Participants get to smell and handpick essential oils under the guidance of a professional scent engineer to create scented candles from a selection of oils. This activity is uniquely rewarding in boosting focus on fine detail and sensory play, which are key attributes in any form of work.

Team size: The workshop can host up to 100 participants, depending on the chosen venue.

Budget: Prices range from $32 to $50 per person, based on the specific workshop selected.

XVIII. Cooking with Granny

Cooking with Granny presents the opportunity to learn hometown Peranakan recipes from an experienced home cook. Participants get to infuse a bond in team members as they cook, and a grand experience from the activity becomes the learning experience of indigenous cultural experience.

Team size: Suitable for groups of up to 14 individuals.

Budget: Participants can expect to spend $45 each for a comprehensive cooking session.

XIX. Private Dining Experience

Experience the exquisite delight of Private Dining, where participants savor delectable meals crafted by passionate chefs in the comfort of their homes. This intimate activity offers a quality setting for conversation while relishing expertly prepared dishes, creating lasting memories of a gastronomic journey and showcasing appreciation for local culinary talent.

Team size: The experience is ideal for smaller groups, typically between 8 to 12 people.

Budget: Costs can vary from $120 to $200 per person, depending on the dining experience selected.

XX. Make Woodfire Pizza

Woodfire pizza making is an interactive and enjoyable activity that enables teams to create their pizzas together. From kneading the dough to selecting a combination of toppings and baking it in a wood-fired oven, this activity is ideal for team building and experimenting with new recipes.

Team size: This activity is great for up to 14 people.

Budget: Each participant will spend from $120, which includes all ingredients and the use of the oven.

To summarize, the range of activities for team bonding in Singapore is wide and vast, covering numerous interests and corporate needs. Among the most popular include creative workshops such as candle making and art jamming and more extreme undertakings, such as kayaking or bunker exploration. Regardless of their uniqueness, all of them are entertaining but, at the same time, are aimed at the acquisition of important work skills, such as communication, collaboration, or strategic thinking. Experienced during the bonding activities, they significantly increase team cohesion and employee morale, positively influencing team productivity levels and the general work atmosphere. Investing in these experiences, corporations underline their care for employee growth and welfare in the competitive business climate of today. As a result, bonding activities energize teams and foster a culture of resilience and continuous improvement.