23 Engaging Team Building Events for Enhanced Collaboration in 2024

The foundation of any successful organization lies in its ability to collaborate effectively, which in turn fosters creativity, productivity, and overall performance. In today’s business environment, strong teamwork among employees is more important than ever. Team-building activities provide invaluable opportunities to create a cohesive and motivated workforce by encouraging mutual respect, trust, and communication.

As workplaces continue to evolve in 2024, investing in team building events becomes essential for businesses. These events not only break down barriers but also foster creativity and camaraderie among team members. Enhancing collaboration can take many forms, from outdoor activities to creative workshops, offering numerous benefits for both individuals and the team as a whole.

Top 23 Team Building Events

1. Puzzle Initiation

Puzzle Initiation is a simple yet effective pre-meeting activity where team members quickly think of words that relate to the meeting’s topic. This exercise not only helps to focus the team’s attention but also reveals their thoughts and feelings toward the agenda, facilitating a smoother discussion with aligned objectives. It requires nothing more than a video conferencing tool and can be implemented quickly. This activity is particularly inclusive, allowing every participant to contribute without requiring extensive preparation. However, the simplicity of Word Association might lead to repetitiveness over time and could generate minor conflicts if differing views are strongly expressed.

2. Cultural Map Sharing

The cultural map sharing activity is an engaging way to celebrate cultural diversity within remote teams. Participants pinpoint their place of birth on a shared digital map and share unique cultural facts about their hometown. This activity not only adds a personal touch to interactions but also broadens team members’ cultural understanding and appreciation, fostering a more inclusive work environment. It’s an excellent activity for team bonding and promoting creative thinking as it allows members to express pride in their heritage and bring personal stories into the workplace. While generally well-received, it requires a sensitive approach to ensure all team members feel comfortable sharing personal information.

3. Skills Showcase

Host a skills showcase where team members can showcase their non-work-related talents, from singing to magic tricks. This fun, informal event allows individuals to express themselves creatively and builds a supportive community. It can be done both face-to-face or via a video conferencing tool. Although highly engaging and enjoyable, it might cause anxiety for less extroverted team members who may feel pressured to participate.

4. Open Mic Session

Open mic sessions offer a platform for team members to showcase their interests or talents, ranging from singing to poetry, in a supportive setting. This activity should be scheduled before formal meetings, providing a fun and engaging way to reduce stress and build camaraderie, requires minimal setup. Although Open Mic is a great icebreaker that can help team members feel more connected and appreciated, it might pose challenges for those who are introverted or uncomfortable with public performance, potentially leading to anxiety.

5. Escape Room Online

As its name suggests, an online escape room is a virtual version of the traditional escape room game. Specifically designed for virtual competition, this activity requires critical thinking and teamwork as participants navigate a series of digital clues and tasks. Through video conferencing and expert software, teams are immersed in a vividly crafted story, working together to solve intricate puzzles and ‘escape’ the room. This engaging exercise not only provides a fun approach to team building but also helps participants develop their problem-solving skills. However, it can be technically challenging and may not appeal to those who dislike high-pressure situations.

6. Puzzle Solving Games

Puzzle-solving challenges prompt team members to engage their problem-solving skills right at the start of a meeting. This activity involves presenting a riddle through a platform like Slack, allowing participants to collaboratively discuss and solve the puzzle. It helps activate their cognitive processes and sharpen their focus, ensuring everyone is mentally prepared for the meeting’s agenda. The tools required are simple, including access to a digital workspace and a source for riddles. While this exercise is fun and stimulating, the varying levels of engagement and the competitive nature it might foster can sometimes lead to unintended stress or competitiveness among team members.

7. Recipe Roundup

Recipe Roundup is a culinary-themed activity where team members share and prepare their favorite recipes during a virtual meeting. Each participant selects a recipe, perhaps a cultural dish or a family favorite, and demonstrates the cooking process live via video. This activity fosters team bonding over food, encourages cultural exchange, and allows for storytelling. Preparation is minimal, requiring just ingredients and a kitchen setup. While it adds a personal touch to team interactions and offers a delightful sensory experience, it can be challenging for those with limited cooking skills or kitchen access.

8. Virtual Book Discussion

Organize a virtual book discussion where team members read and discuss a selected book over a series of meetings. This activity promotes intellectual engagement and discussion, providing insights into colleagues’ thoughts and perspectives. It requires minimal setup, using a common platform for sharing thoughts and scheduling discussions. While it enhances communication and empathy within the team, it may not capture the interest of non-readers or those with limited time for additional reading.

9. DIY Craft Challenge

The DIY Craft Challenge invites team members to use common household items to create a craft or project, which they then present to the group. This activity stimulates creativity and innovation, encouraging participants to think outside the box with limited resources. It can be conducted via a video call where everyone shares their final product and the creative process behind it. This light-hearted challenge promotes team bonding and creativity, though it might not appeal to everyone, especially those who are not interested in crafting.

10. Fitness Challenges

Implement weekly fitness challenges centered around various types of physical activity, mindfulness practices, or healthy eating habits. Team members can report and share their achievements and experiences through a common digital space or regular updates. This activity contributes to members’ overall health and team spirit by establishing a culture of shared accountability and support. It fosters an inclusive attitude around a shared commitment to health and well-being, though some members may be more enthusiastic about participating in fitness activities than others.

11. Pictures Interchanging

In Pictures Interchanging, team members share personal photos related to a pre-determined theme, such as ‘Pets’, ‘Hobbies’, or ‘The Great Outdoors’. This activity provides a glimpse into the personal lives of colleagues, fostering deeper connections and understanding. It’s simple to organize using any common digital platform that allows image sharing. However, it requires sensitivity to privacy and personal comfort levels, as not everyone may be willing to share personal aspects of their lives.

12. Creative Writing Chains

Creative Writing Chains involve starting a story with a sentence or paragraph and having each team member add to it in turns via an email thread or shared document. This activity encourages creativity and allows team members to build on each other’s ideas, resulting in a collaborative and often entertaining story. It’s easy to organize and highly engaging, though maintaining momentum over time can be challenging.

13. VR Gaming Session

A VR Gaming Session allows team members to meet in a virtual environment using VR headsets to play games or complete group challenges. This high-tech team-building activity is not only fun but also stimulates problem-solving and collaboration in thrilling scenarios. However, the cost of VR headsets and the need for a compatible setup can be prohibitive.

14. Quiz Breaker

Quiz Breaker is an interactive, ongoing team-building activity designed to strengthen relationships within teams. It involves weekly quizzes sent via email, where team members answer fun and engaging questions about themselves. The goal is to guess which colleague provided each answer, enhancing mutual understanding and bonding. This activity is easy to set up and participate in, fostering team cohesion through regular, light-hearted interaction. However, its repetitive nature may lead to diminishing returns in engagement, and consistent participation from all team members is crucial.

15. Charades via Video Call

Charades via video call is an engaging game that breaks the monotony of remote meetings and builds team spirit. Team members act out a word or phrase without speaking, while others guess what it is, using tools like Zoom or Microsoft Teams. This game enhances creativity and lightens the atmosphere, making it a perfect icebreaker. Although it requires minimal setup, it can be incredibly fun and a good test of how well team members understand each other’s non-verbal cues.

16. Photography Challenge

A Photography Challenge encourages team members to take photos based on a specific theme (e.g., nature, pets, workspaces) and share them with the group. This activity fosters creativity and provides insights into each other’s lives and interests. It’s easy to participate in and can be very engaging, though it might not appeal to everyone, particularly those uninterested in photography or without access to a decent camera.

17. Virtual Movie Night

A Virtual Movie Night is a fun group event that can be easily organized even when team members are in different locations. Watch a movie together through a watch party or synchronized start features offered by streaming services. This activity allows team members to enjoy each other’s company in a casual environment while having fun and taking a break from work. Use intermissions for fun discussions or wait until after the movie to chat. While easy to organize, not everyone enjoys the same movies, and some team members might not stay engaged throughout.

18. Virtual Coffee Breaks

Virtual Coffee Breaks are scheduled times when team members take a break from work to catch up on personal life, similar to office coffee machine chats. Using a video conferencing tool, each team member joins with their favorite beverage and engages in casual conversations. This activity helps maintain the social aspect of work life, promoting relaxation and reducing feelings of isolation among remote workers. It’s straightforward to implement and helps keep the team connected informally.

19. Skill Swap Sessions

Skill Swap Sessions involve team members teaching each other a skill or sharing knowledge on topics they are passionate about, from programming languages to yoga exercises. Conducted via video calls or webinars, these sessions foster personal development and strengthen team bonds by showcasing the diverse talents within the team. This activity requires coordination to schedule and manage the sessions, and relies on team members’ willingness to participate and share their skills. While highly beneficial for team growth and bonding, it may not engage all team members equally.

20. Virtual Home Tours

Virtual Home Tours allow team members to share their living or working spaces with others through a video conferencing tool. This activity adds a personal touch to remote interactions and helps team members feel more connected. Each participant gives a brief tour of their home, highlighting meaningful or favorite aspects. While it’s a great way to break the ice and foster personal connections, it requires sensitivity to privacy and individual comfort levels with sharing personal space.

21. Online Fitness Gathering

Organize group workouts via video conferencing tools, including activities like yoga, stretching, or more intense workout sessions. This not only promotes health and wellness but also boosts morale and energy levels, making it a great start to the day or a refreshing break. Ensure that the chosen activities are inclusive and considerate of different fitness levels. The challenge lies in scheduling a time that works for everyone and managing the potential awkwardness some might feel about exercising in a group online setting.

22. Online Game Night

Use platforms that allow multiple participants to join and play games simultaneously. Choose games that are easy to learn and suited to the team size. This activity is fun and promotes strategic thinking and teamwork. It also allows customization based on team preferences, given the wide range of available games. However, it may not appeal to everyone, particularly those who do not usually play online games.

23. Team Appreciation Day

Organize an Appreciation Day where each team member sends a message of appreciation or gratitude to another team member, either through a common platform or directly. This fosters a positive work environment and helps in recognizing each other’s efforts and achievements. While it promotes positivity, ensuring it remains genuine and not just a formality can be challenging.


To unlock your team’s full potential and promote a culture of collaboration, consider incorporating diverse team building events. These activities not only dismantle barriers but also foster trust and synergy among team members. At EKA Team Building, we excel in creating customized experiences tailored to your company’s unique needs. With our expertise, we’ll help you craft unforgettable moments that strengthen team bonds and drive organizational success. Contact us today for personalized guidance and support on your team-building journey.